Eyeglass Lenses

Lens Designs

Single Vision: Lenses are available in all materials and provide vision correction for one viewing area. This lens provides you with correction for either distance, intermediate, or near vision.

Bifocal: Lenses are available in all materials and provide vision for both distance and near viewing areas in one single pair of glasses. This type of bifocal has a line in the lens.

Trifocal: Lenses that are a variation of a bifocal. This lens has 2 lines which provide you with correction in three areas - distance, intermediate, and near.

No-line progressives: Lenses are available in all materials and provide vision for distance, intermediate, and near vision with no lines or sections. The absence of bifocal lines makes this lens the most desirable. As a Varilux, Zeiss, Shamir-Autograph Distributor, we offer the most-technologically advanced no-line progressives on the market today.

Specialty Lens Designs - for work and play

Occupational/industrial lenses: Lenses are available which allow us to customize lenses for almost any occupation, hobby, visual, or safety requirement.

Computer lenses: If you work on a computer at least 2 hours per day, you may suffer from CVS: Computer Vision Syndrome, i.e. neck strain, dry eye, headache, etc. Lenses are available that are custom designed to provide the best vision for you while working at the computer.

Sports Lenses: Sport lenses are designed to improve safety and performance while enhancing your enjoyment. These lenses come in a variety of colors, designs, and treatments. Impact resistance and light weight are key considerations.

Lens Materials

Plastic lenses: These lenses are lighter than glass and can be tinted to almost any color and shade.

Thinner, lighter high-index lenses: Due to advancements in technology, hi-index lenses continue to offer thinner and lighter lenses for your stronger prescriptions as well as comfort and cosmetic appeal without compromise.

High-impact resistant/Polycarbonate lenses: These lenses are recommended for two good reasons: comfort (because of their incredible light weight feel) and safety (because of their high-impact resistance). These lenses are recommended for children, teens, active adults, occupational safety and anyone else who needs superior protection.

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